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Non-EU citizens who wish to extent their stay in the Republic of Cyprus to more than 90 days may apply under the category of Temporary Residence Permit, known as “Pink Slip” . The procedure for obtaining this permit is considered as a very simple one and successful applicants may easily renew their permit every year.

More specifically, this permit is provided to non-EU nationals as well as their families, who have adequate income from abroad and are in a position to cover their living expenses in Cyprus, without the necessity of working. Succesfull applicants who satisy all the below criteria receive a temporary residence permit card under "visitor" status which is valid for a year.

In order for an applicant to obtain such a permit for him and his family he must submit an application at the District Immigration Office of the city he resides along with the following documents:

  1. -Application form MVIS3,
  2. -A copy of the valid passport,
  3. -A copy of the page of the passport stating the date of the last entry or visa to Cyprus,
  4. -Original bank guarantee, issued by a banking institution in Cyprus, for a period of 10 years to cover potential repatriation expenses,
  5. -Marriage certificate translated to either English or Greek,
  6. -Birth certificate (Children) translated to either English or Greek,
  7. -Health insurance covering in-patience, out-patience and repatriation expenses,
  8. -Copy of the title deed of any property owned in Cyprus or a copy of the Rental agreement,
  9. -Proof of income from abroad (this may include any pension, bank statements from abroad, dividends, rental agreements, etc.),
  10. -Swift confirmation from a banking institution that funds came from abroad,
  11. -Confirmation letter from the banking institution confirming the availability of funds.

For more information on how to apply for a TRP in Cyprus, you may contact us at info@cmcylaw.com or +35725255059

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